How would you describe your photographic style?

I would describe my style as being authentic, documental and creative. Taking real and genuine moments, using mostly natural light. Observe with the eyes of a photojournalist because I believe that when are photographed in its rawest state, more easily will you remember what it felt every time see the photos.

Shoots in which areas of the country? Do you travel to do weddings, engagements…?

While living in Coruche (Ribatejo), I am ready to tell your story wherever it happens. In Portugal or anywhere else in the world.

Schedule meetings with the bride and groom?

Yes. For me it is important to know the couples who contact me, as well as the respective stories. I also want to know me a little better. Make new friends fills my heart. If you can not meet in person, we can schedule a meeting via Skipe.

I should do an engagement session?

Absolutely. The engagement session is a fantastic opportunity to know each other better, to speak of your love story and have fun.

How many hours lasts your service?

I like to ensure that the whole story of the day is told, so we'll be there to record it from start to finish.

How many photos will you send us?

The number of pictures is not limited. I like to ensure that the whole story is told. However, a marriage photographed all day, never give less than 600 edited photographs.

How are delivered?

The final work is delivered in a custom box containing inside a beautiful wooden usb drive. The photos will be edited individually and delivered at full resolution, ready to be print in a laboratory at your choice. They may do so through me, but will not charge you if you choose to do it in another location.

Along with the pen are delivered 20 high quality prints in 10x15 format. These images reveal the most important moments of your wedding.

How can the guests see the photos?

The wedding photos are available on a private online gallery of restricted access to their friends and family can view and buy the pictures. The gallery is delivered between 4 to 8 weeks after the wedding, and is valid for 3 months.

And if you want an album?

It is so delightful flick through an album and relive every moment.

The albums that give to my clients are printed and assembled by hand by one of the best Portuguese companies in the sector, the Alma Artisans Studio. These are made with the finest materials. The covers are lined with natural linen in order that has a unique piece and that lasts a lifetime. There is also the option to purchase a box lined with the same album material. It is important to me that your album is extremely high quality so that they can show with pride to your family and friends over many years.

The pagination of the album is made by me. I use a very simple layout, in order to tell the "story" of the day a fluidly through the various pages.

Prior to printing, a draft album will be available so that they can suggest changes. The album printing will be done after your validation.

Uses a contract?


Works alone or with a second photographer?

Usually solo work, but may choose to hire a second photographer.

How can we get more information and / or book a date?

Please, fill the contact form, or by phone 967477170